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I have been every where in Costa Rica. I have gone 8 times and i believe that all and all tamarindo is the place to go, if not playa Jaco. It sucks to go stay at grande and have nothing to do at night or no where to eat out. Grande gets so hyped, i dont really even like it and all the american surfers that go visit think they are k slate. If you want to get away from the tourists then stay in langosta (my personal favorite wave in costa). Its real close to tamarindo and has a great beach break right out front you cant beat it. And plenty of young ladies staying at the hotel that over looks the break who are eager to ditch their parents for a night on the town. Jaco is really fun too but the surf is not as plentiful.
Langosta is a reef break so be careful out there and watch the tides! I helped when they pulled a dead guy who drowned out of the water at that break a few years ago. Also, unless you stay at Hotel Barcelo, it is difficult to surf Langosta. The hotel owns that beach.

Jaco is alright for surfing, and Hermosa is right down the road.