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    oh and while we are on it has anyone ever met the 4 or 5 older gentlemen that regularly surf the inlet there at Holden? All on Longboards, and nice as can be. I first met them 2 winters ago on a particularly amazing day where the inlet was working like a mini-mailbu and I had just gotten my Allison noserider back from repairs so I was beyond giddy. waist high and peeling forever. they were kind enough to share the waves with me and took me in as one of the crew for a few hours. I got names but the waves were too good to remember anything but the smiles on all of their faces and the hoots and hollers everyone was giving one another. A truly magical day that I have been trying to relive every time I go back down that way. Sadly I've been skunked everytime but once since then. Those Brunswick islands are the ficklest of breaks to be sure.
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    Thanks for the info BBG, esp. about needing 3ft to get any action. Depending on when the p/u for the lil one is scheduled I may just hit CB first then head over and get the lil one then see if there's anything for her to play on.

    My Dad's best friend had a house at HB back in the day, used to go there often. Was the only beach I knew for many years. Was weird to go back after being away for +20yrs. Sucks you can't go out on the south end anymore.

    Never seen those guys but I don't get to HB that much. If I do see ever see them and they take me under their wing I'll try to remember their names and forward to you (with their permission of course).

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    This Oak Island?

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    Any other non-classified info (good eats, surf shops, etc.) feel free to post away.
    Hope all is well! Eat here!


    (Provisions in Southport)