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Looks very cost effective, but as with most things, there are bound to be some compromises when you find a price that low. One thing to consider is that really quality zoom lenses will hold their focus throughout their zoom range, while those of lesser quality will likely have to be re-focused as you go. Not all bad with modern auto-focus cameras, but the need to re-focus as you zoom might slow down a budget camera. One of the main improvements on the more pricey cameras is the response time in the auto-focus drive.

One thing more- while you shouldn't scrimp on lens quality, be sure to invest in at least a good UV filter, if for no other reason than to protect the investment of your new lens. A filter replacement is way cheaper than a scratch on your lens optics. And If it were me heading to Barbados, I'd invest in a circular Polarizing filter. The clouds down there can provide some pretty dramatic imaging with a polarizer.
Hey thanks man you have been very helpful...I think im gonna go with the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM for now. I'm hoping that it will get me the extra zoom i need. Apposed to my 28mm-135mm IS USM. Also, I do plan on getting a circular polarizing filter for both of my lenses. Hopefully, I come back with some great pics that I can share with you all.