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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post
    the board was pretty ravaged it wasn't a small ding,a cinderblock fell on was probably like an 8inch gash that went a quarter inch deep.i was hoping to save it but couldn't figure the shyt out.never thought something so simple would be complicated.oh yea and I noticed my left fin was gone too and my leash.i don't get it,nobody surfs in my house but me where the fuk did my leash and fin go.i bet its buried under a bunch of crap in the yard
    Dude... you're a mess, let's face it lmao!

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    Is it better to ride a GSI than not ride at all? I think so. I have a 20 yr old Harbor longboard, and a new GSI SUP. I like them both. Ride what you enjoy and can afford.