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  • Kept surfing in that spot

    18 32.73%
  • Walked down the beach to a new spot nearby

    21 38.18%
  • Sounded the alarm! and demanded everyone get out of the water

    4 7.27%
  • Gone home

    12 21.82%
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJames View Post
    Small world. My old roomate writes for Fishing Magazines, and I saw this vid in one of his articles yesterday.


    Living down the beach with him, I became keenly aware of the fact that I was never really alone in the water. We would surf all day then he would yank sharks and all kinds of other stuff out when the sun went down. Was a little unsettling come time for the next dawn patrol.

    For you music guys out there, that's Mickey from the band Ween with him. Theya re a couple of nutjobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    If its crowded .
    I think, at least for me, that the number of other people out makes a difference in whether I stay out or not. If it's a crowded break, I figure my chances of getting bit are slim. Like many others have said, they're there, we just don't see them all the time. I've only seen a sizable shark (6+ feet) one time in VB, and I just kept paddling out. I figured he and his buddies were already all up and down the beach, and me moving wasn't going to change that.

    That being said, the last time I surfed Boilers down on Pea Island, I started to get really sketched out. I was breaking way outside (at least 300+ yards offshore), and the water was super clear. Don't know why, but for a good 20 minutes all I could think about was what was beneath me... That's really the only time where I pretty much psyched myself out to the point of almost getting out of the water.

    In response to if I saw an 8+ foot shark as I'm going down the line, I'm pretty sure I would head in. Just never seen anything that big in person outside of an aquarium.

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    where's the option to beat the fvck out of the shark?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FUN View Post
    where's the option to beat the fvck out of the shark?
    Thats what I was thinking last month when I answered this poll.....