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    As always, well said by The Seen.
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    I live in what most of you would term Satan's Kingdom (metro DC). It is, actually, Satan's Kingdom, because you send us YOUR moron politicians.

    I drive 2.5-3 hrs ea way to surf 'my break' over on the eastern shore.
    $110 gas RT. Every time.

    This year, I've surfed almost every single week & sometimes x2 per week.
    I got no complaints: I'm fortunate to be able to surf, and I'd do whatever it takes to surf.
    3 hr drive solo is meditative.
    3 hr drive w a dog is meditative & full of goodness.
    3 hr drive w human company is awesome fun & laughs.

    I don't mind putting in extra effort to surf. Ever.
    Makes it that much more special.
    When I have to work harder for something, you bet I appreciate it much more. Human nature.

    Work is all that I do during the week. Work out & road bike to stay ready for surfing.
    CEO of three companies. Surfing is my reward.
    My goal: surf treks whenever I can. This year: Florida, CRx4, PRx2, SANx3, France, and more.
    I don't pay for plane tix (miles).

    My 3 hour drive leads me to a perfect place. Perfect to me. Come across that bridge & know exactly where that wind is coming from. Know exactly what the surf will look like. Dodge a few very large critters. Head for the place where very few go.
    I surf where there's none of that east coast beach replenishment hoo-hah; so, if one knows what winds the break can hold, and what tides shape it up just right, and if the bars are lined up, which they have been all joyously effing year long, then even when it's dead red it's so many waves. And no one out.

    FJ's piling on the miles without complaint.

    Saw the title of these pics and remembered this post.

    Tailgate Teepees Photo: Devine

    another cool shot.

    Nothing like a tailgate air show. Jeffery Myers. Photo: Devine.

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    15 min at sunrise from usual spot 20-25 min w/traffic, & between 20-45 min from all southern points...and i own a house...but don't move to ME the water is too cold, line ups are packed, and the winter's are atrocious