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Thread: Thanks Dudes

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    Thanks Dudes

    Yo thanks for an all encompassing site, I'm in Philly and don't get much of chance to flouder around out there and would have to check a couple of sites for forcasts and tide info and yous have it all in one here. So Thanks

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    This is the first time I was able to check out this site, it rules. Looking forward to using it as much if not more than every other site I use. Thanks for putting this together.

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    Long time user, first time thanker. Thank you mr swell, you're all right. I love this place. The Internet is a real place to me. Too much the über-nerd. As long as these servers hum and these disks spin, this is my digital break. I hope some day that your name is up on the side of the 'nnouncer stand just like mr cam's is right now. May you get to forecast krispy swell, make beachin movies, chase tasty waves and get a bankroll big enough to get some choice beach front. Anytime you need a ride and don't want to pay air surcharge on the West, you hit me up. We hook you up.

    PS forecast spot on, love how you always adjust for local scale, great programming. It's the little details.
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