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Thread: death in nj

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    i took some cell phone pictures

    storm moving over chadwick beach

    crazy looking clouds.. they were swirling up above. we had hail too

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    wow - those are awesome photos - especially from a cell.

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    I just got back from CA at a golf camp and my bro and I went to check the ocean to see if there were any waves at Sea Bright right after church at Monmouth Beach just cuz I've been gone and missing the Atlantic. We were also deciding if it was worth going to the beach (it wasn't too stormy by then...kinda clearing up in fact) Anyway, as we were heading down to check it out, my friend, who's a lifeguard there, blew his whistle and told me to get the f off. I was like wtf but he explained to me what happened up in Sandy Hook and I was shocked lol. Pretty intense...I could've been one of those if he didn't warn me cuz I didn't know at the time there were more storms coming...thought it was just a rare severe AM T-Storm...prob would've headed down just to chill...glad I didn't

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    Well said South Bethany

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    Quote Originally Posted by windswellsucks View Post
    there was full on ice cubes blasting my house and my cars today, wtf!!
    Dunno about ice cubes....but there was def at least nickel size hail beating the **** out of my car. Saw some dude running up my block from getting out the water with red marks all over him. ouch

    jay cagney - Damn dude what kind of phone takes pics like that??? Excellent quality!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iceybeatzjosh View Post
    smoking marijuana reduces your chances of getting struck by lightning.
    decreases the risk of a shark attack as well. dont listen to the haters
    Toyota Racing Development History
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    Yea that's pretty scary stuff. There was solid nickle to quater size hail near me. I was watching the hail and hoping my glass tables outside were not going to break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguaholic View Post

    jay cagney - Damn dude what kind of phone takes pics like that??? Excellent quality!
    lg voyager, its alright. cheaply made like every other phone out there

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    Those pictures are nuts - nice job w/ the cell...

    Any other Jersey photogs think to snap that beast of a storm? I'm a freak about sky photography and would love to see more.

    Sad about the loss of life - RIP

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    haha yeah yesterday was insane i was in bradley it was crazy

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