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    Surfboard baggage...

    I lodged a drunken complaint and this was the corporate response I received.

    "...Thank you for contacting Continental Airlines.

    I certainly understand your frustration with fees being implemented when, in the past, there were no fees for surfboard baggage. In the face of increased operating costs, particularly rising fuel costs, Continental has implemented new fees and increased existing fees. This has taken place over the past few months, as the market environment has become increasingly complimented and difficult. Our goal is to provide our passengers with safe, reliable travel, while remaining a viable entity.

    Please be assured that I have forwarded your concerns, in detail, to the appropriate members of our senior management team for their review. As we are continually striving to improve the level of service that we provide to our valued customers, your feedback is vitally important to us.

    We appreciate your e-mail and hope to see you on a future Continental Airlines flight.


    Georgia Bargmann
    Customer Care Manager"

    How much does a board weigh and why am I being charged so much now? They don't insure the dings careless bag handlers might inflict now so why do I pay more?

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    That was rather incoherent. Basically higher gas prices = a license to screw.

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    and you know what's F***ED up, it costs 70 bucks to take a bicycle on a plane, but 200 for a surfboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ...LostInFlorida View Post
    and you know what's F***ED up, it costs 70 bucks to take a bicycle on a plane, but 200 for a surfboard.
    indeed.....I just booked a trip to Barbados again. And, the last time i went which was 2 years ago. The boards were free. Now..... they are $125 each way.

    So...I was looking into possibly shipping my quiver. Great Idea.....wrong.....Too expensive...and also I can tell you if you are shipping boards out of the U.S. DON'T I have heard horror stories about boards being held at customs for a long time.

    Airlines win....I lose....end of story!

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    Not being able to take your stick sucks. On the bright side it will give you an opportunity to try out some new equipment if you rent when you get there. Same thing with golf clubs, I just leave em home and try different clubs when I get there. Down side some rental equipment is less than desirable. Research, research, research...

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    I remember a while back a form was going around websites that made it possible to complain to British Airways for NO LONGER flying surfboards. Don't know if it worked.
    I am trying to think of something that would work for us. I am going to Cali soon, and am flying Jetblue. If you want to see something really screwed up, check Jetblue. Now I must say they are cheap, $50. each way, but the screwed up thing is they have a list of items that fly for free. One of the items is a SEGWAY! How much do they weigh??? More than me!