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Thread: Gustavo = Epic?

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    O ya sorry about that... O well its going to be good everywhere so spread out everyone and share waves

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    yay waves!!

    DON'T go to that one key on the gulf coast. It probably won't be able to handle the size and close out.

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    every spot on the gulf coast is a key...

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    Starts with an "M"

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    Breakin' In the 7'8"

    See, I knew I ordered that 7'8" Channel Islands MBB for some reason...
    I'll be looking for a point on Sunday Morning early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rusty2737 View Post
    Potential good Swell for WFL if not than epic if reports hold true and Gustave stays on forecasted path. East coasters stay the **** home !
    I live on the east coast, and work for a fire department in Naples. That sould qualify as dual citizenship. Bringing my boards to work tomorrow, Sunday is looking to be fun. I hope the winds stay offshore. Have fun and stay safe out there, should be plenty of waves for all of us.

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    i believe you are talking about manasota key, where i live, and if you are then yeah dont come here, it cant handle any swell over waist high.

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    hey west siders. im on the east and i was wondering if any of you would mind letting me know if theres any good spots in naples for sunday that can hold the size. thanks

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    I was thinking about trying out the rocks. Maybe Boca pass...

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    battan down the hatches son cause we are in for some swell. too bad we are going to be dealing with a huge tragedy cause this thing is picking up at a very extreme rate right now. in 1998 from hurricane georges we saw the gulf light up like pipeline, looks like we are in for it again, maybe even wiamea this time.... it too bad i only have a 5'10" haha