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    I'm stuck up in Bawlmer this weekend for a wedding.and the Ravens. Is anybody going to try and go out Saturday? If anybody goes out on Saturday try and get some pictures. I'm stoked for next week with Ike and Josephine on the way.. I'll be back in OC by next Friday. Lets hope Hanna moves some sand around and gives us some decent sandbars.

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    Nope, didn't even try Saturday. Sunday was still too big for me. I finally got out there Tuesday morning into waves about 4 or 5 feet. We got some sand bar rearrangement down south here, which means the waves are breaking all up and down the beach now, instead of just right next to the pier. It's good 'cause I don't have to go out near the pier now, but at low tide I have to worry about breaking my neck on those free-falling closeouts.