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    This in one thread that I wish the administrator would just delete. Some people still just don't get it!!
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    I did delete it but Micah thought it should remain. He is "the man" so here it is. The event affected me very closely and this will be my only post.

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    Micah is absolutely right-you just can't start deleting posts that some people don't agree with. Where would it end? People have a right to their opinion, even if it may sound outrageous.

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    i dont mind people having a sound debate about a topic, even it is completely in right field. I do understand the sensitivity about the subject, and if things do get out of hand, then we would have to close the thread. I do think that others need to keep in mind that people on this forum have been directly influenced by these terrorist attacks, and to not take that so lightly.

    But In general, I do not like to censor just because I dont like or agree with the topic. If it is a junk topic, it usually wont take too long for the majority to let you know.
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    I don't think it's a bad thing to have this topic, it's interesting to see where we stand on this issue. I also think the youth don't understand the severity and sadness that it brought alot of east coasters in general. It really changed alot about this country.

    I was cooking at a place called Ravers in Towson when it happened. Little deli, super cool neighborhoody type spot. I loved it. It was a family owned biz that had been in Towson for over 30 years. Due to these attacks, we went into a recession, and we felt it hard there. Less than two years later he was forced to lock the doors for good, and give up something his father left to him, and had a lot of pride in. I was with him till the end and it was really a bummer. He had a wife and two young kids too, and run that shop was all he ever did.

    It was also the final nail in the coffin for the rave subculture that was still happening...

    You can argue the conspiracy stuff, or whatever, but the fact is it doesn't really matter. It changed alot regardless. We've been at war ever since, and the vibe of paranoia in the cities of the east coast is undeniable. It sucks either way.

    Pray for the people who died.

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