hahaha that video was downright funny as hell!!!!! That guy rolling on the floor and he wrecked his whole room haha

I smoked it one time at a bonfire... didnt know where i was, couldnt talk, but i could see the words rippling out of other peoples mouths. them bam! back to normal. like 5 mins. but you guys right its only that intense the first time.

As far as legality of it... keep it legal! I have no problems with any type of organic substances-cannibus sativa, mushrooms, salvia, peyote, opium.the likes, thats bout it-because its organic. Ancient peoples have used plants and such for centuries for medicinal purposes (including reefer). But i only approve of that stuff in an unaltered-organic state.
When we get into pills ,coke, crack, heroin, thats all man-altered chemically and thats no good. I DONT approve.
But beer and alcohol........thats legal. But why! thats altered to produce effects on the body. But once again, ancient peoples have been making beer for milleniums.