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Thread: Jellyfish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quail man123 View Post
    yeah u just gotta take it like aman and dont pee on the wound it makes it worse i hear
    It doesn't make it worse. Urine is acidic, so it will help with the poison in the sting, however, something like Vinegar will help much more, seeing as it is much more acidic. Basically anything acidic will help with the sting...

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    i havent actually seen them in a week or so. They were really bad in loch arbour and long branch about a week ago but then just seemed to disappear right before hanna. but when they were here i was seein some monster lions maines and those big red ****ers. by the way meat tenderizer works as well. just sprinkle it on and BAM lol. works like a charm

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    Ugh, got stung all over my face bodyboarding last week. Little ****ers. I guess that's I deserve for bodyboarding...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fletcher View Post
    Have you ever seen jelly fish mate with one another, I have the video if you want to see it.
    LINK PLEASE! That sounds so hot.

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    Rub sand on it. I dont know the science of it, I just know it works.
    Now, I know we get em' every year around the same time, but this year they seem worse than usual. Big, Red, haggard.

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    ^ your on that national geographic type **** hahahahaha

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    The flies and mosquitoes are freakin crazy this year but fortunately I really haven't seen any jellyfish.(knock on wood)