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    Bouts that time again braddahs.

    Pats looking good in a shootout vs. the kacaw boys. Falcons getting azz handed vs. Texans! Anyone watching Hard Knocks? Great series.

    You bros ready for some foosball???

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    love it.

    gonna struggle through another panthers season...ughhh

    also, im a dolphins fan. pretty sure tannehill or mat moore are not gonna get it done. fins need a real QB

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    You never know what Carolina's bringing to the table. Seasons they looked down and out they go 12-4. But since they did that last year, history says they'll go 7-9 or 8-8 since they won their division last season.

    The Fins are in a tough division where everyone beats each other then loses to New England. I'm gonna say they'll do as well as the running game they present. They're still losing big week 1 no matter what.

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    Only a couple weeks into the preseason and already I'm more than annoyed with the way the televised game is presented to us.... Am I the only one who is absolutely tired and fed up of the forced female sideline commentary? Its so scripted and carefully assembled for these women, "Well I just spoke to the coach and he told me blah blah blah", then the announcer goes, thanks dummy, and now I'll say something that has nothing to do with whatever that dummy down on the sidelines was just saying. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metard View Post



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    Bro I'm all about the split tail they throw on the screen. Gets better every year. Are we ever really listening to females anywayz?

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    The Panthers are actually alright. Cam's a top 12 QB and the defense is legit. Under the radar teams that could surprise this year would include Vikings, Jags, Colts, Bengals and Browns. Teams to disappoint would be Chiefs, Bears, Skins, Cowboys and Falcons. Super Bowl Champ will either be Packers, 49ers or Colts. MVP Rodgers or Luck.

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    I don't think the 49ers make the playoffs this year. sure they have the talent but they're emotionally spent between last season and the season GMen knocked them out of the playoffs.

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    I guarantee the 49ers make the playoffs. Look at the receiving depth they have this year....Crabtree is really, really good, they've added Stevie Johnson and B Llyod, still have V Davis and Boldin plus drafted a couple good rookies. Carlos Hyde is a beast!! Sprinkle him in with Gore and they're set. Kaepernick is going to have a great year. They are in the hardest division by far though.

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    Bro not a chance will the Falcons disappoint. Take last year's injury epidemic out of the list and Smitty is 56-24 his previous 5 years at the helm with p-offs 4 of those seasons.

    He is due for a playoff charge and so is Ice. Best receiving corps in the league. If Jackson stays healthy and the new acquisitions and youth on defense play to potential this team could go to the game again.

    Watch Hard Knocks on Tuesday. It'll be a great episode since Smitty will be on one after their loss last night.