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    long period swell 2 arrive shortly

    bouy 44008'z already showin' it nicely! shood arrive by afternoon! with tide droppin', could b good at select spots...

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    i hope so...it's been too long...statrting to jonezzzzz...

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    looks like some medium period swell (9-10 seconds) peaking on Thursday. Swellinfo model showing 3ft @ 9secs...

    bigger potential as we head into the weekend.

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    i dunno admin...it's lookin' bleak. i hope you're right aboot thursday tho. i just looked @ the updated 48hr radiofax scenario, and it looks pretty F*(*in' good! lots o' S**t goin' down. az 4 the weekend, it looks too NE'erly direction, but should eventually turn easterly l8r sunday in2 Monday hopefully. we'll c. keep up the dyn-o-mite 4castin' werk! many surferz appreciate it! l8r dood.

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    i c sum positive wind vectorz this mornin' blowin' in our direction...it's possible wee cood c that waist high SE g-swell 2morrow, but windz will b southerly n-e-wayz...i'm not too phyched bout this 1...

    i guess the big story iz Omar and hiz potential 4 early next week swell...we'll c. i haven't seen much 2 git mee off my ass tho.

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    you seem to be a pretty smart guy. why type like that?