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    One final note

    Don't go for a particular software choice based on just price or ''Special Effects Features'' alone. Go for ease of interface use, and of course learning curve. Less is always more. Special Effects are like salt and pepper, use too much and it diminishes the final product. Most editors worth their salt, rarely use many special effects. It's about the proper application of sound fundamental editing. As an example, how many Power Point presentations have you been shown where the presenter feels obligated to include audience applause on the sound track? Dumb, very dumb. If the presentation were worth applause, it would have been forthcoming from a far more genuine source. That's why more and more sitcoms have opted for live audiences during taping- the only special effect used is where the editors move the audience reaction around a bit for greater effect.

    As an example, A former student of mine was the producer of a series for the A&E Channel called ''Random-1.'' http://www.random1.com has mini versions of his one hour long series of 10 shows. http://www.aetv.com/random1/ At the time he was featured by Apple Computer http://www.apple.com/pro/video/chester/ as the largest Post Production studio using Final Cut Pro and G--5 work stations: You can see samples of his work at http://www.johnchester.com where he's posted his portfolio. He moved to Santa Monica about a year ago and is about to release his latest Final Cut product called ''Rock Prophesies.''
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