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  1. I dont mind tiny waves

    If the report says minimal, and the buoy says 3 feet, which one should i trust, if i m willing to go out in tiny waves (but not "minimal"). And if it is really 3 feet, then why didnt swellinfo change it yet?

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    trust the report or just go to the beach and check it.

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    the feet reading on a buoy does not tell you how the surf is at the beach or else my job would be much easier.

    if the buoy says 3ft... then what is the period? what is the swell direction? how far away is the buoy?

    the swellinfo forecasts take these factors into account. It should be understood, however, that the swellinfo forecasts are forecasts, and nothing will ever replace an eye witness observation.

    Having said all that, yes it is flat out there today. You should also take a look at the submitted surf reports for the day. Eastern Lines and Heritage surf shops submit regular (daily for the most part) reports on Swellinfo. You should also find some surf cams for your area. I want to get the surf cam links back on Swellinfo some time soon.

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