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Thats awesome that theres islands there.
Yeah. There are barrier islands just south of the inlet mouth there @ Tom's Cove. If you park at and use the south boat ramp near the landfill and trailer park..... you can put in and hop right over to them. I have surfed there (Toms) twice but never made it to the other islands since we just had a 16 ft aluminum jon boat w/ a 45 hp engine and the offshore bouy was reading 14ft the last time. Also, it's not easy getting there if the beach is washed over. We just pulled the boat up on the backside of the beach at Toms even though it is illegal b/c yes there is a bird sanctuary. Just gotta take ur chances. Even though the bouy said 14ft and was from the NE w/ a N wind, it was only chest high and running down the beach about 10 ft offshore (imagine old rehobeth). But, I still need to get there on a big southeast.