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Lol! I didn't even see this before!
I love looking at coils, but I don't own one & have never ridden one, so I don't really know much about them beyond what I've read on the interwebs. They seem pretty legit, though...my main hesitation in ordering one is that I'm no fan of epoxy construction, so it's hard for me to shell out that kind of cash for something I might end up hating.
I had never ridden an epoxy board before I got my qualifier; only polies and I bought it without ever having demo'd it or any other Coil. I wanted something that could stand up to air travel and wouldn't leave me boardless when I got where-ever. I bought mine used off Craigs, so the dims aren't even totally ideal for me like a custom would be. I wish it was just a little thicker, like 2 5/8" instead of 2 1/2" (6'8" by 19 1/4") and the rails weren't quite as round, just a little boxier along the bottom edges, would be better suited for local waves. Even so, it is the fastest board I've ever owned and absolutely kills it in anything OH+. I never went in for epxoy because of the lack of flex. If anything this thing is so thin, it has too much flex, so that if the wave isn't powerful, it's really easy to lose energy and then momentum coming out of a sharp turn if you don't snap it back down the line. It took some getting used to at first. I don't know why, but it's a magic board. I can't wait to get a custom. 6-10' feet, it's the board I ride these days.