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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Coil's don't have a stringer, doesn't need one.
    Coil's don't have a stringer, they have two. They are parabolic stringers of interwoven carbon mesh (the Grid). They are needed. The unique design of the parabolic stringers is what makes them special.

    Quote Originally Posted by surfsolo View Post
    I have owned Firewire boards for years and I don't really like parabolic stringers anymore, since the boards are prone to breaking easily. Yes, parabolic stringers give the boards more flexibility and board feel is really good, but you sacrifice durability of the board for this. Over time, the boards become "weaker" in the middle due to constant flex, and eventually "snap" in half. Only traditionally stringered boards for me from now on....
    FireWires are mass produced, Chinese boards. They do not use the same construction techniques, nor materials as Coils. Comparing them to each other because they share one design feature in common is fine, but besides that one design feature, the comparison ends. Apples and oranges, night and day. They’re both surfboards, but one is a custom board made for Pipeline and Big Black’s and the other isn’t.

    Speaking of which, I have got to get mine patched before Sunday.
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