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butt out kook
The FORCE is a FARCE! I, along with many others, am so tired of you 2-3 morons posting your little barbs/jabs at one another. This is a surf forum, not, "The who can be the gheyest or most obnoxious FARCE member." SERIOUSLY guys, chill out! Most get on here to see if somebody has some good advice and where waves will be, etc. NOT to hear yall smash people or be smart asses to everyone. Not a good vibe for you and your little X-Box friends to be known for. So CORNWAY and ADOWETTSHIMSELF, Im asking you to please stop. Im sure there will be a reponse from you, just so yall can snicker about your "awesome comeback" while under the sheets tonight. But really, no reponse is needed. Yall snuggle, its supposed to be cold! NIGHT NIGHT FARCE!