Just wanted to send out some peace to everyone. This holiday has turned out great for everyone who had the time to get in the water. I went away for a couple of days and missed some of the goodness that came through. But I was able to spend some time in the water with some of the local crew this afternoon, and it sure is great to see everyone having a little fun. Holidays tend to bring everyone back home from school and other responsiblilties. Hope everyone has a good one with their families over the next month or so.

At the same time, try to say a word to the great God in the heavens above if you can, or whom every you may give thanks to....so many are not able to enjoy what so many of us take for granted everyday.

Speaking of which....say a word if you can for Teddy Smith. He came up lame while surfing this afternoon, his knee went out on him while surfing. Anyone who knows Teddy would agree that he is a great guy to surf around and know. And it could happen to any one of us. Also, Please,...if you see or hear some one go down or yelling for help in the water, please think of how you may need help yourself someday. regardless of how we get along or not, we need to look out for the other guy when we are out there.

So do please have a great time over the next couple of months with your families and time off from work, and give a shout out for those not as lucky as we are.

Much peace to ALL, SEE YOU OUT!