and that is the cold hard truth!!! It is the most fickle surf spot I have ever known. I love PI but wish we pulled more waves for sure. but I guess thats why we are so appreciative when we actually get to surf a decent wave. In PI...when there is waves...everybody is so stoked that there just is not alot of hassling or aggression. yeah there are exceptions but most everyone is cool. it funny cuz when you go to places that pull waves all the time there are so many d!cks in the water. I think I have been pissed off(at people)maybe a handful of times in the 20 years Ive surf PI.....most of the time its bc of parents who(again) send toddlers into the water to try to swim against a rough current....I will never figure that out I guess.......but yes, the surf in PI could be better!!!