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    Nicaragua surf trip May 5th-June 5th any info will help!


    I am planning a surf trip to Nicaragua around May 5th-June 5th of this coming summer. A buddy of mine went there last summer for about two weeks and said he had a blast. I am going to improve my surfing and just to go somewhere different. I have been all over Costa Rica 4 different times so its time to go somewhere new. Since I will be staying there for a month I started researching where the best surf is, where to stay etc. I have come up with a lot of info, but I have yet to find a place to stay close to a fun break that is inexpensive (I don't need air conditioning, etc.) If anyone has any input on where to go for consistent surf, and where some inexpensive places to stay or hostel's would be, I would really appreciate it. I am looking for any and all info regarding the area and I am looking forward to my journey! Please anyone and everyone, fill me in. If you were in my position traveling to Nicaragua for one month, trying to spend as little as possible (i'm a college student) where would you surf, and where would you stay? I will not be renting a car, and I don't mind camping out as long as the area is relatively safe.

    P.S. If anyone will be in Nica around this time, I would be more than happy to have a few surf buddies. Like I said, I am a pretty determined surfer living in FL, and looking for a chance to improve my surfing skills.
    Thanks for the input


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    you'll want to go to the southwest coast of Nicaragua... There are a number of different surf camps established, just to a little internet searching.

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    Yeah i've done a lot of internet searching.... I don't want to stay at a surf camp, nor do I want to surf the breaks the surf camp brings their visitors to. I would consider myself a pretty advanced surfer just looking for a cheap and fun time. If anyone could help out with info... Thanks!

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    I went to Nicaragua in August of 2004 and I stayed at the Surfari Charters camp. I had a blast and caught some great waves. I don't really know too much about roughing it since I had a guide. The roads down there are beyond awful and I heard horror stories about people getting lost down there. To say it's a poor country is an understatetment. It's the kinda place where I'd rather save up my money and stay at a camp but if you want to do it on your own and you're ready for an adventure then more power to you.
    Lance runs a great little camp and is as hardcore as they come. He put us on the fish and the waves. If you go bring a packed first aid kit and it's helpful if you know how to stitch. I cut my face pretty good in the water and help was a long way away on a Sunday afternoon when the clinics were closed and everyone's drunk. Luckily Lance knew someone that could stitch. The grounds person at the camp was always packing a 357 for good reason. Good Luck!
    Here's a pic of my friend DK at the beachbreak and a pic of us with some fished we speared.

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    Just went down last April and it was everything I was hoping for. It averaged 4'-6' every day with a few in the 8' zone. I was going to do a camp but then I found Rancho Santana. It a private community that you can rent houses or smaller casita's which is what I did. I rather be on my own schedule than someone else's. You can walk to two beaks one for each tide! You can charter a panga and go to any spot and the resort next to it has two of the best breaks in the country you just need a car and your there. As far as the cost I paid 750.00 for 12 days, the casita's are the way to go and if you can split it with someone its nothing. Great bar and restaurant too. I will post some pics when I get a chance.
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    Thanks for the input guys! I will be sure to check out Rancho Santana... and a first aid kit wouldn't be a bad idea. Last summer when I was in Costa my buddy got a fin to the cheek and had to get stitched up. Then a day later, I got the board to my mouth doing an air gone bad and chipped my front tooth out. Looked like Loyd in Dumb and Dumber haha. Keep the info coming!