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    PRODUCT REVIEW: For surfers w/back pain, sore ribs, etc

    I recently received a new product to review.

    It is called the PaddleAir. It relieves back pain, sore ribs, and increases paddling endurance.

    Check it out at (click on the Product Review link in the menu bar)

    This product works, and is great for us old guys

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    I bought one of these at the Boardroom Expo back in Oct. for F.I.L. He'd had three o the vertebrae in his gizzard welded back in April. Some old ding that just got worse. The guy who invented it was huckin 'em and I figured it might help old FIL paddle. Real nice guy, ran out to his van to get the last XXL. I give it to F.I.L. later that month for a very, merry unbirthday and he never really gets around to using it until November, thinking it's kookier an a rubber shirt. Bout when the water starts to get cooler and the days shorter, his neck started gettin stiff. So he decided to give the old paddle air thingy a go. Lo an behold the air valve on the bugger don't blow and he goes off on how it was a shame to the family that his only daughter brought home a worthless SOB Pauly Shore like me in the first place. I promise to make amends and give him and La Dama more grandkids as long as he keeps me in the will and promptly retake possession of the accursed kook garment. Still had the tags on it.

    Fast forward past Turkey day to throwing out Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, the Mrs. asks, "what's this, why is it here, what are you going to do with it, my Dad's asking about it, he needs to get another surgery on his neck, he fck3d it up again." She'd got me at my most vulnernable, my wetsuit was right around my knees, it's a chest zip; the associated, psychological warfare was a nutshot too. "Uh, I'll take care of it tomorrow." default answer. "what'd he do to his neck?"
    "Being stupid! What do you think, surfing."
    "Oh" : (
    WRuh-OH Shaggy, rhyme to go. I grabbed a board an ran. I finally get around to emailing the guy through their website, tell him how the thing is NIB and ain't seen salt, receipt M.I.A. No questions asked, he says mail it back up here to the Palm Desert. Don't know what kind of break they got up there. Thing came back today, took maybe a week total? I assume it works like it should. It inflates. I have no idea how it makes your back feel, but the customer service made my wallet feel better, so I got one less pain in my ass. Good customer service is a darn fine and rare thing in this life.
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