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Continental charges $100 one way per bag with up to 2 surfboards. It goes to $400 per bag for up to 3 boards, and $700 for 4 or more boards. Makes no sense at all since 3 boards in one bag doesn't really take up any more space. Just b**sh*t way to jack up the profit margin. Oil just dropped below $35 a barrel. What's their excuse for charging now?
This is the stated policy. It's pretty easy to figure out that traveling with 2 boards is your best bet when flying Contential. You would be safe in figuring that your round trip fees are going to be $200. Yes, they are f***kin crazy to expect someone to pay $700 one way for 4 boards in one coffin. If you are traveling with 2 or more people, and say you're bringing 4 boards, my recommendation would be to pack 2 boards in one smaller case and then put it in a larger coffin with the other 2 boards. If you're lucky, you will get thru with a $100 or less charge. If they open the coffin and want to count boards, then simply check the smaller case seperately from the larger coffin and you're charge $200 each way instead of the $700 quoted online. My experience is that you will get away with a $100 charge at least 50% of the time. Remember to smile and tell the gal checking you in how great she looks today even if she is a beast!!