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    Atlantis Bahamas waves?

    im going to the bahamas over spring break...any of you guys know any spots or..if therei s even going to be waves

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    There are most certainly waves in the bahamas, but accessibility will vary depending on what island you are on. Eleuthera, is a popular surf destination, although I dont have any good advice for you.

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    Been there a couple times. Nice resort. ****load expensive. Possibility for a rideable wave if ur willing to go off the resort and get raped and drugged in the nasty parts of the island. It is shadowed by the other islands.

    Eat good and get a tan!

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    I can vouch for Eleuthra

    It's been some time since I was there, but one Christmas vacation I got some very good waves there. It was a long walk to surfer's beach from the Cambridge Villas in Gregorytown, but the good news once you made the walk the first time, you just threw your board into the bushes and walked or skateboarded back to Gregorytown. And yes, your board would be there when you returned the next day, and every day. I suspect things have changed quite a bit though. The only nightlife to speak of is the courtyard restaurant at Cambridge Villas. As I recall, the owner's name was Godfrey Cambridge, and he also owned the water company, so he had a pretty good grip on the town. He even had a couple of clunker cars he would rent you for $35 a day, but they weren't available often. Go snorkeling at Golden Ring beach. Very nice and very clear water on the leeward side of the island. Governor's Harbor is ultra touristy, but they do have a lot of golf cart rentals zipping around. Small beach break in Governor's Harbor.

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    thanks guys, i should have told you earlier but im going to paradise island atlantis resorts and im lookin for like 4+ feet

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    i went there and its a lake...it doesnt look like it ever gets waves on that side of the island...the bro that drove us said there is surf on the other side tho...as stated above, watch your back once u leave that resort