Ok guys, Many of you might have heard about this flick but I will explain anyway.....

FIRE is a movie by Mike Stewart and Scotty Carter,and it showcases the lifestyle of bodyboarding, the love of it, why we do it, and everything in between. It has been in the making for 10 years now! That's true devotion if you ask me. The DVD came to the masses about mid-December and is available through several online stores, for about $30, which contains 2 Discs!!

Ok, so here's where my topic comes in. I have been waiting for this film to come out for some time, and now that it's out, Mike and Scotty have been touring and premiering this movie all over the major BBing areas of the world, like SoCal in several locations, Hawaii, Australia, etc. BUT the problem is that they are reluctant on coming to our neck of the woods, the east coast, because they're not sure if it will get enough attention.

Ok, so I just spoke with Michelle at www.spongewars.com last night and she did an interview with them today. (you can watch that below) She told me that they would really consider coming over to the EC for a premiere it they had support!!! hello, awesome!
I will speak to her some more today to get some more information, but basically she told me that they would consider doing a premiere over here if they had a good place to do so, at low cost, to show their film about the sport that we love (well, most of us). So I'm asking if there is any types of places around that would be able to support a small premiere? Surf shops might be out of the question, because they are a little too small. If you see in the interview, that place is a small auditorium with a 140 seat capacity, so something maybe around that size. I was thinking maybe a auditorium at a local school, college, convention center, someone who might be willing to put up with a premiere at very low cost.

Think about it. I'm asking in a serious manner that if you know somewhere, of you can help, or are interested, reply, send me a PM, whatever you got to do, I really want to see this movie premiered on the EC because I don't feel like we get enough credit for being the hard-core spongers that some of us are. Show some support, show people that we mean business in these waters. Thanks!!!

Here is the interview done today by Michelle from spongewars.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3JWdF1Hr-c

I would put the preview clip up but I can't find it anymore, sorry!