I work at a local shop in Ocean City. So to try and say that you are going to slide by the system and not pay for a board is somewhat sh**tty. Boards are not super marked up at all, things like shipping costs, oil prices and manufacture prices are the reasons for board prices, Do not blame the shops. The reason you get "hooked" up at a shop doesnt mean that you are the best surfer in town, it means that you send all your business to this one store. Even if you are landlocked you can still have a relationship with a shop, you buy one or more boards from the same shop the people will remember. But as long as you keep acting like there is no reason for loyalty and no reason to have local shops then enjoy attempting to make friends in the water. I am not trying to put you down but a true hardcore surfer that only cares about surfing would see the point of why an online sponsorship is lame.