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    Mid-Atlantic Family

    Hello all.

    I have been posting threads these past few months inquiring about surfing and weather conditions back home in the mid-atlantic.

    From what everyone told me, the best coastal towns in the mid-atlantic (OBX excluded) for surfers, who need steady year round employment are:

    Virginia Beach

    and Jersey Shore

    So, all surfing aside, I haven't spent too much time in either place and would like to know what you guys think about raising family in either place.

    I am from Baltimore, so Jersey shore is about 2.5 hour drive, which is AWESOME. Virginia Beach is about 3.5 hours from Baltimore, which also is awesome, since I am about 3100 miles away now =)

    So, both places are large enough that a restaurant manager such as my self, and my wife to be is a chef....

    So, either place has tons of restaurants. Probably a few more year round down in VB.

    So, It looks like aside from Atlantic City NJ, most of the jersey shore has a pretty low crime rate. It also shows that there are quite a few schools up there. Also, the jersey shores looks filled with nooks and crannys with homes and condos that are a few blocks from the beach. Bayside etc..,. So the coastal setup looks fun up there.

    Virginia Beach, has slightly better weather. VB actually lies in a completely different sub-climate that Jersey does. So, only a few sprinkles of snow down in VB, more mild winters.... Slightly warmer water...

    So, Jersey seems to take the cake for surfing. Everyone agrees that Jersey is better than VB, altough both are pretty close...

    I also see that Virginia Beach has quite a bit more crime. There are more murders, thefts etc. down there. So, I don't know if those stats are related to areas further inland in VB. But there look to statistically be a lot more diverse ethnicities in VB....

    So, for anyone who knows either place, how is the safety and over all family aspect of these coasts?

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    Jersey is probably you're best bet. better waves for sure but VERY high taxes. As a chef I'd look for work in AC first for more year round, high dollar places, then cape may.

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    no competition as far as waves go... The new Jersey coastline is pretty big. South Jersey is more laid back, country style, while Central Jersey is a faster pace and more developed due to the proximity to NYC.

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    Just my .02

    Delaware has megalow tax on everything.
    Nj has better waves than DE and VA because it has a better swell window.

    From a business standpoint, isnt north jerz more year round as the beach goes. You probably couldnt make mad stacks working only in the summer when people are actually at the beach. I would assume it is b/c it is close to real jobs in NY and other towns. Ive seen LBI in winter and nothing is open.


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    Jersey is great for business, especially if you go into the area around Perth Amboy and north. That's where the density skyrockets. My hometown is as north as NYC and you can't get enough people everywhere. The ride to the shore is quick and easy (Garden State Parkway).

    Another really viable option is my current residence: Philadelphia. 1 hour drive to Atlantic City, for gambling, entertainment, and of course surfing. It is 20 minutes north of Delaware (aka closer to Baltimore for family). Also it isn't terribly far from OCMD, and other DelMarVa locations. Best part is that you are in Philadelphia where you have businesses left and right, and the consumer living around you (literally).

    Just my two cents. Good luck!

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    it depends on what kind of town you're looking for. i don't like cities that much so I like the smaller beach towns. South Monmouth County and Ocean County in NJ would be a good compromise between both because there are not too many people but not too little.

    whatever you do, don't be a commuter. You don't want to identify yourself with the Benny crowd, and besides, it's more fun if you live closer to the ocean anyway.

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    South Jersey! The Jersey Shore is a restaurant mecca. Philadelphia and its surrounding counties supply us with a constant flow of rich people who love to drop loads of cash to be here ( I know it's crazy) but its tradition.

    No don't show up here and act like a kook!

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    I would recommend Monmouth and Norther Ocean Conunties. There are tons of restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs and if all else fails there is mass transit to NYC. Most towns in the area are very good to raise kids(schools and activities). Plus within a couple of hours you can surf the points in RI, snowboard, and street skate some of the best cities. Last Sun I snowboarded in the morning and surfed in the afternoon, not to many places you can do that.

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    NJ or VahBeach

    New Jersey, by all means! You'll really like it there and the people are so incredibly friendly as well. It's like one big family, especially at the surf spots.

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    wow, thank u all for your quick and honest responses.

    I am definitely looking to be within walking distance to the beach. I don't ever want to live inland. I live 1/4 mile to the beach in sd and have no thoughts of living any more than a half mile really.

    but anyway, I guess it is unanimous that jersey is just a better beach town for surfers even though its colder up there.

    which actual coastal towns r best to find residental townhomes and single families?

    ocean city nj was all seasonal rentals and tacky little shacks when I searched real estate.

    there are some cool affordable homes in north atlantic city, but I heard a.c. is the gnarliest area up there.

    so I was looking at brigantine, moregate city and a little further south.

    any other coastal communities near all the action that I should research?

    it still baffles me that jersey shore is closer to baltimore than oc md. crazy!

    p.s. salty j: I am up to my neck in kooks out here, so I would bring nothing but respect and hoepfully some new talent to the area. I share waves with about 50 people a day out here from all skill levels. I have a pretty high tolerance for nonsense in the water.