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    After the baybridge tunnel

    I didnt even think of that, but it is soo true. Going from the ferry to bay bridge tunnel is literally the easiest driving of that whole trip, one or two roads south, if your heading south your good. But after the baybridge tunnel (stop midway for your swig of free no name soda) it gets pretty gnarly real fast. I've done it over a dozen times each time its different. They like switch roads and signs every six weeks just to F with people I swear. Dont use google maps for that, physically bring a map with you and know the roads before you get there, if you dont oh well you should probably just pull over and off yourself.

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    uh,no problem getting to hatteras.
    just never went from lewes,always took the bridge,so i figured you delmarva guys knew the fastest route from lewes back to 13 without wasting time.
    like, it's 4 against 3, 9-1-24-113-13 vs. 9-13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleetBoogie View Post
    The shortcut is sick and cuts about 45 min to an hour off and I know 2 shortcuts
    i can get to kitty hawk from va beach in about an hour flat
    Gotta love it.

    And for anyone above, I would post directions, but honestly they are so confusing you would probably get lost. I only know it by landmarks really, not street names. But ya, I'll just put It like this, when I go to hatteras from VB, I don't touch the highway, I hit virtually no stop lights, and I haul ass down backroads.

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    so can you give me a hint or pm it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zim View Post
    Ain't that a fact.
    Hampton Roads / Norf**k confuzzles the daylights outa me every time
    Hell, it confuses me and I live here. Thank god for GPS.

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    surfndirtrider Guest

    hood, gloves, and booties?

    hey for anyone out on hatteras....

    Im comin up for florida and am planning on wearing booties, but how necessary are hoods and gloves right now?

    what kind of temps can I expect?

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    I might have gotten lost in 50% of my trips south of the tunnel. I hate it but now that I know there are some nice back roads I will be studying Google earth

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