Checked it out a few times looks likes shorebreak city. What idiot thought that having a bottom contour like a cliff would produce good waves? I can cast a hopkins into 20ft of water for crying out loud. The point/feeder idea may work in south jersey with the gradual bottom, but not up here where the rise from behind surf zone-surf zone-beach is too abrupt. Saw a few good bodyboarder waves in February at "the point", these guys were getting some quick intense rides, but as soon as that sand straightens out forget it. Building a beach out to 30ft of water and expecting to see surfable waves because you jut part of it a little farther is ridiculous, that contour is just way too steep. Anyway where I live in Ocean County the sandbars are such straight pieces of crap for most of the year they might as well be replenished but I still wanted to come up and take a look at the before and after. What do you locals think about it? did the job live up to the hype of 'working together'?