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    Have we hit the bottom?

    Not a surfing topic, but discussion worthy nonetheless. Personally I have been sh1t scared for awhile, but the dow was up for last week, and jumped a whopping 470 points today. Is this the turnaround point?

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    nope i think the bottom is at 5000. what worries me much more is the coming inflation.

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    what worries me the is crazy gov't spending, and the inflation like pumpmaster said

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    I don't think we have. But, on a good note today was a GOOD day. cha-ching

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    I agree with Aguaholic, donít think we have yet.

    For ten years Iíve worked for small businesses, and since 2000 they have been hurting bad. Was with one when it was forced to shut its doors a few years ago, and with one now who is struggling to survive in the face of big box corporations. It is the saddest thing to see a family business have to call it quits, or struggle to the point many are right now.

    I read anything I can from the view of the economist, and they are quite pessimistic about our current situation and the timeline of recovery. If the problem is money, I figure they are who to listen to. The worst thing someone can do is be afraid to spend money though, that is adding fuel to an already out of control fire.

    Miracles donít exist in government.

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    I don't think we have hit bottom fully yet either. I think today's show of relief on wall street will be short lived and by friday is post 7k again.
    And AIG can choke on my ***** and the bonus's they took.
    But keep working if you still got a job if not pray for surf.

    I as an auto mechanic have been doing pretty well lately. Especially with lining up side work on Saturdays b/c people are trying to save money everywhere they can. Our shop monday thru friday full on too. People are def back to basics and not so much worried about new cars now.