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    absolute monster 4 Tuuzday! seerius S**t! find protection from thoze peskeey windz...

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    i've got a monster in my pants

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    yea, thoze 40knt barbz'll doo that 2 ya...

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    thats a real good model. is it from this site?

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    no, u kan find it here:

    go to surface charts, then click on the "color" button option on any of the last 5 (ie. 24, 48, or 96hr) 4casts...

    it breaks it down real simple 4 idiots like mee...it's like 4castin' 4 idiots...it givez mee uh good enuff idea uv whut 2 xpect, ya know?

    but swellinfo haz uh plethera uv good S**T. tunz uv 4castin' toolz, browze thu site.

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    are you rebelling against the english language?