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mitchell: so vb is much less punchy than ocmd? last few times I got good swell in ocmd, I was surfing pretty hollow 48th street. so vb has less power for the most part than oc? and the wind conditions tend to clean up better in md as well. more straight offshores?

I am more interested in how wilmington compares to swells in ocmd than what goes down in vb. but since vb is a potential location for me in the future, all of this local knowledge is much appreciated.
masonboro goes off pretty good on a solid south swell. it's an uninhabited barrier island south of WB that you can acess by boat, or even paddle across the inlet to get to. It gets pretty crowded on a good swell though. I've never surfed OC but from pics and what i've heard, it will not get that big and hollow in the wilmington area. it will get some good surf with a nice south swell, like when a hurricane is on the way. but most of the time your looking at typical east coast dribble.