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Thread: Stolen Boards

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    Does he have a pics of the boards that were stolen?

    Was that the only stuff taken? Good chance it was somebody he knows. Although, maybe just coincidence that someone interested in boards came across his house while he was on an extended trip.
    yeah bcuz that person would have to know that he had the boards and would be gone for awhile

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    It is probably someone who knows that he was away from home and what belongings he had. Also, possibly someone with drug issues. You need to contact the police as they will contact surf shops and pawn shops in the area. I had a break-in to my home 2 years ago and my kids X-box, games and a handful of DVD's were stolen. They were all found at a pawn shop by police and I got them all back. The person whom pawned them (signed off on paperwork at the pawn shop) was arrested within a day after I reported it and it turned out to be a neighbor with a herion addiction.