most of the spots we surf are not secrets. they are usually just spots that no one else wants to check. or when someone checks a certain spot, no one paddles out because we are on it, and they know a couple miles somewhere else they can find there own spot just as good. another problem with secret spots or spots less travled by is that they are changing. I have NOT done the actuall research but I heard that there were more nor-easters during the 70's, 80's, 90's. NOW, it seems like it is all souths. which, can change places that are good to bad, or places that are bad into good. Then when a nor-easter finally raps a bit of swell, a lot of spots that can get good and that have not been good for a long while-get GOOD. Thus making empty waves that everyone refuses to think can get good anymore. the bottom is tricky as well as the wind and the LPGS. I would say there really is no secrets left on the east. there are just some surfers willing to trek and some not so willing. i guess the one place that is still kind of unscathed is the off shore sandbars. The MD, VA and GA coast have mother nature trying to make little islands about a mile or 2 off of the their coasts. Those spots need light winds and not as much swell as you would think! blah blah blah, go find em ,later!