I'm staying for a week in July in a bayside condo on Jamestown Rd. (across street from Carousel around 120th street). I surfed a very nice beach break down in the 30's street area (just south of where they were dredging) back in April, but most of the time I usually surf up at Henlopen or IR (when I'm doing some day-trippin' from Fredneck). Just wondering though, if I'm not as motivated to drive up to the state parks in DE, when am I allowed to surf a sandbar/beach break in OC? Do the lifeguards allow you to "surf anywhere" in OC before a certain time in the morning and after a certain time in the evening? Is 48th street and the inlet areas all-day surfing spots or do they have restricted times as well? I could call up a surf shop to ask but figured alot of you guys would know.

I doubt there is much break up at the high-rise part of OC where I'm staying so I'm guessing I'll be driving around some with my board (as opposed to walking over to the beach. Spending 1/2 hour to find a parking spot between 50-20th street shouldn't be much fun either though.