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Thread: Bad neighbors

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    come running upstairs banging on the door threatening 2 girls
    Sounds like he's doing a swell job. Might as well just call the cops again. You'll be able to renew your lease because he'll have a restraining order eventually.

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    Go get some plain gelatin, Not Jello, It has to be clear! So then go down there and act like you want to make nice! Ask to use the bathroom and dump the gelatin into the toilet. Stir with his toothbrush and leave. Next time he goes to do his business, he has jello in his toilet. Make sure to applogize again as you are leaving, maybe even offer to take him out for a beer to let the jello set.

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    2 choices, call the cops back and let them handle it, or go downstairs and grab the dude by the throat (squeezing very hard), and slam his head into the wall, or punch him in the stomach, should not leave a mark.

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    Do you think he's on some homo emo forum message board right now complaining about his A-hole surfer neighbor? Although this is good I'd really like to see what he's saying about it. Is there an emoticon for androgenous tears?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mexsurfer View Post
    Put chili powder in his underwear, that will make him cry!! It will work too.
    rub lots of fiberglass insulation in his under shirts and pants.

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    I had a similar bit opposite neighbor issue last year. I live on the second floor. over a year ago, a mexican couple with like 4 kids moved in below my gf and I.

    we never party or anything, but this mexican went to work landscaping at 5 am. he started coming upstairs banging on my door at night. telling me he could here my water running. or hear my dog walking. after the 3rd or 4th time;i was like look ****er. we are quiet as mice.

    he came upstairs and *****ed at my gf in spanish and scared her while I was at work. when I got home, I knocked on his door and told him that if he ever knocked on my door again, for any reason. even if he just walks up the stairs that I would knock his teeth out and hospitalize him and that if he thinks we r loud to call the cops because they will laugh at him.

    I called the front desk at my apt. and told them that he scared my gf and that if he so much as gets within 10 feet of our unit that I would physically remove him. they agreed and I never heard a peep from them again. they moved out 3 moths later. awkward 3 months.

    the real threat of physical violence always works with *****es like them

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    ah man

    dude, duct tape a fatty turd log to his front door. that **** sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by skoot1200 View Post
    Big party with your largest friends on your last night in the unit (after furniture moved). When he bangs on the door, drag his #ss out into the parking lot for a beating. Smelly hipsters.
    ps uh shyeah!!!^^^^^^

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    i think hes scared or something cause he hasnt been in his apartment for the last few days...finally. peace and quiet

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