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    One force of nature vs. another

    Has anyone seen this?! Bill Gates is trying to stop hurricanes, and therefore our fun annual waves every fall. Anyone who uses a PC please stop and never use Windows again.


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    Well I wish I could say we had so many great sessions a season from the tropics but that really is not the case. I would be fine if they could stop them in the gulf and leave the Atlantic alone. This could help reduce oil and natural gas price rape by large companies every time a named storm appears in the Gulf.

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    ha. as stated in the article it does remind me of the simpsons, specifically when mr burns blocked out the sun.

    Sooo you're probably wondering if this would ever work...

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    hmmm.... that is a pretty radical idea.

    I can't imagine how many of those tubs they would need to cover enough tropical surface to suppress tropical development. I don't see this happening. Hurricanes can pop up in so many different places, how could you possibly alter the sea surface temperature along all of this area. I mean, I guess it is a valid proposal if Bill Gates put money on this patent, but I don't see this happening.

    Scientists for decades now, have been coming up with ideas to suppress tropical development. I figure eventually they will figure out a practical way. I hope when the do, they can do it with such precision, that they will only do so, when expected to cause catastrophic damage. I mean, this is what us east coast surfers live for!

    Also, if you did change the ocean temperature layer structure in such a large area, I would be moderately concerned with how that would influence large scale ocean and weather circulation. This is approximately what I did my Masters Thesis on - "Investigating Sea Surface Temperature Influence on the North Atlantic Oscillation using the NCAR Community Atmostpheric Model".

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    i dont think his main purpose when he decided to develops these was to stop tropical storms... one other efect of these by pulling up the colder waters from the deep is providiing the shallower waters with nutrients that help for life to flurish and for damaged or dieing reefs to regrow

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    as if men have any real control over much of anything, or ever will. maybe someday far in the future, if we are still here...99.999999999 chance it is never going to happen though.

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    A Hypercane would be nuts. I remember nuclear bombs being thought of, to stop a hurricane.