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    Bald Head

    yeah I surfed Bald Head a few times. The Shoals Club is the best area to surf. It breaks well on a east/south east swell altough it will hold a NE swell as well. It can be very fickle based on tide however since it does get so shallow there. It never gets crowded here since you have to take the ferry over so when it is good, it is wortth the trip!

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    Yeah i've never heard of it breaking all that good. There are tons of places near there that break a lot better. And no i'm not just talking about mase.

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    Mase is gnarly on a good NE

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    Question l69lou

    Does anyone know if there is a road to the island or a ferry ?

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    ferry only from what i hear, and if you guys are going all the way to bald head , stop by the ocean creast pier, on oak island about 10 miles down the road.

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