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    mac oca? where is that?
    dont do it shhhhhhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.Brook View Post
    dont do it shhhhhhh
    ya... thats doesnt need to be spoken of even though i have never seen that place fire it always breaks super far out.. i like it a few streets closer to the piling thing...haha.

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    shiytogd? well??

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    mac's is a super secret spot....cant speak of it here. but lets just say when you dont feel like dealing with everybody as s-turns...it is the place to go. it can fire...not a lot of barrels it can break like lowers

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    Quote Originally Posted by drglas View Post
    damn can't believe I had to miss this weekend...was it as epic as predicted? I won't get back to Frisco until next Thursday, so hopefully something half decent rolls through...
    same here, F*** work

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    There are no secret spots in hatty. Thousands of people know that entire coastline like the back of their hand... you just gotta become one of them.

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    Let's be honest, the swell was just OK for down south. The spring swells were so much better. The stupid storms caused too much havoc with amazing lightning displays and unpredictable winds. Sure we all caught waves and granted for a non tropical summer swell it was fun but epic...not even close.

    As for secret spots down south very few exist because it is easy to spot cars piled up unless you are smart about keeping your spot secret. There are a couple of gems that always seem to come back when the sand gets right.

    Bring on the tropical !!!!!

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    Spreading out in Hatteras is always rewarding. Go to S Curves if you are lazy, but theres nugs everywhere just gotta go find em.