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Thread: cali goin' off!

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    cali goin' off!

    S**T! this playce SUX! yesterday wuz supposta b "good" conditionz 4 wrong island, but i didn't c nething special about it. and guyz wur callin' it "head high"!? wtf? kooks. i haven't seen head high s**t here since winter! onshorez ALL THE TIME on wrong island too. (check thu 4cast). awful.

    now, 4 thu REAL DEAL, check out thu san diego 4cast!

    also, check pix here:

    santa cruz looks even cleener!

    if u have thu $$ and live 2 surf, MOOOVE 2 thu west coast!
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    i don't know where you were but it was def. head high reeling and barreling where i was.. surfed 4 hours of perfection..

    the wind didn't go onshore to almost NOON which gave everyone 7 hours to surf clean GOOD waves..as for the forecast its summer what do you expect at least there's some bump and lately the wind hasn't been strong early anyways. maybe you should get out of bed earlier kook
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    The entire Western Pacific Coast is bombing right now. Huge S swell. Most of Central America was Double O yesterday.

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    just moved out to central cali last month - best decision of my life, after spending 30 of the first years of my life in Long Island (when not bailing ship to tropical resorts)

    Surfed 7 hours today, between steamer lane and pleasure point, sick sick fun. Foot overhead maybe on the bombiest set of the day at steamers, just a "pleasure" to surf (no pun intended).Yeah, I'm diggin cali

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    Yea, agreed....cali as so much more to offer. The waves here really never get that good...there I said it!

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    i wuzz @ thu beech by 6am swell5...LB. windz wur on it. then glassed off from 10-12. FINALLEEY! but by then high tide wuz ON IT! There wur sum legit titteey-high sets, but ta call that day head high u'd hafta b uh kook. surf cali. then come back here and u won't b callin' that day "head high" and u'll realize that whut wee doo here iz not truleey surfin', KOOK! Now go whip out your 10foot plank...