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Thread: Wet Suits

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    Wet Suits

    I am going to Florida for college. I am from up north and want to know what wetsuits you wear in the winter in Florida. Will I need my 5 mil boots gloves and hood? I hope not

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    3/2 will be good all winter.....

    If your in Jackonville you might want bootys, but when I was up there I never used em.
    Defintly NO hood or a 5mm

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    no, definitely dont need the 5mm. the water does get cold in the winter, but we are talking 50s... so as daniel said a 3/2 and 3mm boots will be good.

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    down here in mel beach, i broke out the 3/2 maybe 5 times last winter and surfed almost everyday....bring the 5mm if you need to lose a lot of weight lol

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    Haha thanks I didn't think I would need it.