"Unrestricted Flexibility/Unparalleled Warmth/Unbelieveable Lightness"

This is the new add for the Quicksilver Cypher suit. Surf avertising is becoming like razors or shampoo. Seriously? this suit has infinite flexibility? There is no suit warmer? and i will not be able to mentally comprehend how little it weighs?

I dont own one, and i don't really ever plan on owning a quicksilver suit but i have tried them on on multiple occasions and they feel stiff and i would not trust those seams and seals in even a maryland winter(which i know there are worse out there).

Does anyone own these suits or feel similarly? i will admit to feeling a bit disapointed upon flipping to the back cover of SURFER this month. IF your a b list wetsuit company...be that...and dont just expand into the market just to get your piece of the cake b/c you can slap kelly in an ad

Just a thought