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Thread: Trop storm Bill

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    Trop storm Bill

    ts bill looks pretty promising for our region late next week...what you thinkin the chances wel get some ill nuggie waves outa this system swellinfo

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    Forecasts are shady at best b/c of path predictions 5 days in advance are shaky...I'd check back in three or four days. Golfing I hear is a good sport

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    golfing isn't a good sport it is a great sport... my mantra is surf & turf... what is ill nuggie??? 8ft+ or mung infested closouts... seriously did you really just type that... one wave at a time my man, one wave at a time

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    Bill's projected Storm Path looks pretty great right now.

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    i woodn't call that a 'weak' path'. yea, it IZ veerin' outta sea, but at that strength and position, no doubt we'll c atleest 2dayz uv solid surf, and s**t, that's more than 1 cood ask 4 around this s**thole...

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    its not shady its going to hopefully produce some sorta surf able swell better then what we have been getting I'll tell you that much.

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