The numbers Swellinfo is putting up for hurricane Bill are confusing. The interval can't be as long as they say it is with the size. The storm just isn't big enough. 10 ft. @ 17 sec. is being predicted for much of the coast and thats the number that starts Mavericks breaking??? I'm from Nor Cal and I know what it takes too make those swells and it takes a much larger storm. This is probably going to be a CAT 3 storm passing a few hundred miles offshore. That doesn't seem worthy of those generous interval numbers. At best the peak of the swell will arrive with 14 sec. behind it. Also, the interval will effect breaks differently because of swell refraction and those areas nearest to the continental shelf will be significantly stronger (OBX will focus more energy and surge as well as south facing spots like NY and RI). I'm expecting the significant swell energy to roll in around 5-8 ft. at 14 sec. These numbers are a little more believable and if you research other swell forecasts I think this falls more in line. I could be wrong but 10ft. @ 17 sec. sounds out of place to me. Perhaps the Swell Info guy can better explain the prediction.