hey guys, this may be a dumb question but just dont answer if you have something negative to say.

So, I will most likely not paddle out at the peak of this swell, but in the chance that I do, I have been fumbling in my head with what board to ride. In previous threads, I have read that taking out a 6' shortboard would not be very smart. Now I haven't ridden in much surf over 10' but i'm smart enough to know that a shortboard probably won't work.

However, in the rare chance that at the peak of the swell, it is not closing out, I would like to try to paddle out.

If the waves are indeed what is predicted, i have two options. call me a kook, i don't really care. so i can take out a 6' thruster pintail or a 6'6" funboard shape. The second board size seems better for larger surf but the rails may be too thick. we'll see what i do, but any positive advice would be helpful.