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    that video made me throw up in my mouth a little. maybe all the saltwater i injested in the past couple days helped too? f-n NJ for ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
    My friend and I got out to Gunnison's little before 6:00 am and no one was out and it was peeling nice about head high. Nothing you haven't seen before size-wise. There was a lot of water moving around though for sure.

    I made it into the park before anyone was at the front gates so no one was there to stop me. Apparently, two other guys made it through as well because they showed up on Gunni beach and paddled out just before we were ready to go grab the boards from the car. Then, the MAN showed up in the green and white 4X4 and told the guys to get out of the water under threat of arrest. Interestingly, my friend who was there is a Star Ledger reporter and had his vid cam to do a story on the fly about the waves. He managed to catch the whole ordeal. Check it:

    hahahaha i was on the train with the three guys from newport beach.. sucks for them that they got shut down

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    That sucks they closed Sandy Hook for you guys. I fired off an e-mail to the Sandy Hook Park Service, and the governor. Told them I wasn't going to spend any hotel, gas, food money in the state. If a bunch of people e-mail them, it might work for next time. It's a joke they banned surfers, when it's only surfers who know how to deal with the waves. They should ban swimmers.



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    That sucks they closed Sandy Hook for you guys. I fired off an e-mail to the Sandy Hook Park Service, and the governor. Told them I wasn't going to spend any hotel, gas, food money in the state.
    trust me, your email(s) will be soundly ignored as they have more pressing matters to concern themselves with presently - but back to SH - I don't like the fact that they did it but it was the right call. Do any of you have any idea how much a rescue operation costs? I was walking to where I surfed Sunday, guy walking next to me has almost no wax on his funshape/fish hybrid kook sled. I say hey man you need some wax? He goes nah I think my rash guard has good grip, then I look at his feet and he's got aqua socks on. I just looked at him and shrugged. He then goes "I'm a beginner, this is my first summer in the water" I said maybe you should sit this out, or at least wait until the swell peaks and starts to deplete. He replies oh its cool my friend knows what he's doing, he'll make sure I don't get into trouble. So I check the guy out in the water, the friend is just as kooked out as he was. Neither of them made it past the shorepound, they got slapped back onto the beach in about 3 minutes. At SH those two pinheads would've been right out there in the lineup with everyone else.

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    Ya, that is a shame they closed out the spot but they're likely worried about liability since this is the fee collecting season. We all know that after labor day the Park Service and all the other municipal tools will retreat to their backrooms to count up the money they made throughout the summer and go back to not caring if surfers are on the beach or not. What I don't understand is the NPS in North Carolina posted signs but they weren't threatening to arrest anyone, in fact, several of the rangers were just enjoying the show. But the NPS in NJ was probably just reacting to all the media coverage and Bloomberg shutting down the NYC beaches. Someones hand was forced at Sandy Hook because I've seen twice as big at the cove...

    Seriously, it's just ridiculous, such a hypocrisy.

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    Pretty F'n sad you guys agree with Sandy Hook being closed. It wasn't even near being big. You guys need to do some traveling. As far as liability, with your rational they should just shut down beaches, too many people that don't know what they are doing. Gee, you could shut down beaches, fire the lifeguards, and then you wouldn't have to worry about liability, and you could save money.
    Better get back to paying for your beach tags, and stay on the sand boys.

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    Who agreed?? I read one statement that someone agreed. Government stepping in and weakening personal responsibilty is always wrong. If it takes a few idiots drowning to give us all some freedom so be it. Eventually people will get back to taking some responsibility for themselves and use common sense. No one stopped me from surfing on Saturday other than a sense of my own ability, or lack there of, and the danger that surf posed to me. Any one who would sue is as much to blame as the NPS. I agree, open all the beaches, fire all the staff and eventually there would be fewer drownings and a huge savings in tax payer money.

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    It's frustration Zippy, I read someone here, and the dude on the video, who wasn't from Newport as far as I can tell.
    I just posted my feelings, and the links to try and help you young guys, sorry if I am wrong and your not young. No offense.
    I grew up in Cali, and knew about Sandy Hook, Manasquan, and Montauk. They were famous places I would have liked to surf someday. Now I have, and I feel people should know the history that goes with these spots.
    They should fight for the right to surf there. I'm just disgusted that they would close the beach on a tiny day like that. I surfed it last winter bigger than that.
    I am not a local there, actually I don't want to be known as a local, I want to be a traveler and explore new spots.
    I have never had a problem with locals, but I can standup for a spot I don't surf often.

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    No problem ECkneelo. You are right I am not young, I am 43, been surfing 30 + years and I hate to see political correctness work to take freedom from people. That's what I see as the problem people willing to take crap and not try to change it for fear of offending someone. That place is always the smallest wave on the coast and easily the safest and they have the nerve to shut it down? West Coasters must be laughing their asses off over that one. On the East coast NJ is the worst place by far and is a virtual police state at times with law enforcement and government crap touching everypart of your life. I loved growing up there in the 70's but don't miss it today. Did you ever see this picture I posted a while back? It is the Sandy Hook of my youth, pretty amazing huh?
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    That is beyond gorgeous. Thank You!